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Travellers Ahoy!

Published in Minor Matters Magazine - November 2012

Pauline Baxter’s letter about her “Late Traveller” in the September issue revealed another valuable example of that very rare species, the ex-Royal Navy Traveller so I went with my wife to look at it and it is indeed a very interesting vehicle.

It turned out to be an entirely original standard Traveller finished in Trafalgar blue, with light blue interior which is unusual as others we know of are black with red interior.

The data plate implies that it was assembled at the Morris Commercial factory at Adderley Park, though the colours are as for 1970 Cowley produced examples. We think that steering column ignition was also a feature of Adderley Park built Travellers, but as this factory closed at the end of LCV production in late 1971 and no production records exist, this matter will never be resolved!

Paul Atkinson’s ex RN Traveller (17RN05), also shown, is black with red interior and is also a standard vehicle with no modifications or added features except for the data plate and the RN number stencilled on the dashboard. It seems, therefore, that RN Travellers were supplied as standard production vehicles. Their life in the Navy however was fairly brief as most had been withdrawn by 1975. We think they were used by Royal Navy Careers Offices for recruitment purposes. Regrettably, no information is available as records were not retained. When a Royal Navy vehicle was withdrawn its RN registration number was reused for another vehicle unlike the Army and the RAF which allocated unique registration numbers, (as with civilian vehicles).

For more information about ex- Military Morris 1000s, visit the Ex Government Fleet Register website: www.govminors.mmoc.org.uk or see the article ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ in Minor Matters Vol 33 No 3 (Nov 2011). If you think you have an ex RN Traveller or if you have any information about these vehicles, please contact: gerry.cambridge@mmoc.org.uk

Further to the correspondence about “Late Travellers”, there was a batch of MoD Travellers destined for BAOR the last of which had chassis no. 1293790 (24FK34). These were the last to be ordered by the Army. The last Traveller was indeed 1294082 and had registration no. AOM182K

Pauline Baxter’s Ex- Royal Navy Traveller

Hidden past: Only the data plate reveals that Pauline’s

Traveller was originally a Royal Navy vehicle

Like the few other Royal Navy Travellers known to the MMOC,

Paul Atkinson’s is black with a red interior