The Register is primarily for Government Surplus Morris Minors of any type.


Eligible vehicles can be recognised in various ways: Often the year registration letter is from L onwards, there may be Data Plates attached (often under the bonnet). They may have non-standard colour schemes, fittings or modifications. Here is a Recognition Check List:

Recognition Check-List


  • To make contact with owners of similar vehicles so that knowledge of their use and history can be shared and also made available generally.
  • To provide information to help with research.
  • To account for as many surviving vehicles as possible
  • To obtain advice about construction and use and to help in restoration.
  • To get help and advice in obtaining specialised fittings.


You will be kept up to date in two ways: Regular notices in Minor Matters and via this website.

Contributions to either are very welcome. E.g. Maybe you would wish to contribute a piece about your own vehicle or give some details of construction and use, history, or perhaps material of a general or anecdotal nature. If you have had personal experience of Minors during their working life then we should certainly be glad to hear from you and be most interested in anything you have to tell us.


We sometimes have a reserved section at certain Rallies throughout the year. Announcements are made in Minor Matters or on this website.